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Cardi B worried: Daughter Kulture had an allergic reaction

Cardi B (28) is very worried! Actually, the rapper is currently floating in her mother’s happiness. Together with her husband, the Migos-Rapper Offset (29), she is currently expecting her second child. But her firstborn, the two-year-old daughter Kulture (3), unfortunately, worries her greatly: Because the little one has to fight after an insect bite with a strong allergic reaction – and can hardly open her eyes!

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture next to a pool

In a language memo that she has on her Twitter account published, told Cardi their fans of the incident. “I’m so sad because my daughter was stung by a mosquito again,” she says. The musician pointed out that Kulture also had an allergic reaction last year after the sting of the bloodsucking insect. “Well, this year a mosquito bit her and both eyes swelled – she could hardly open one”, explains the “Bodak Yellow” interpreter dismayed.

Offset with Cardi B and daughter Kulture, Easter 2019

“That takes me so far! Just the sight of her face literally made me burst into tears. And even her dad almost had to cry,” she complains. The native New Yorker now “prays” that the swelling in Kulture’s face will disappear by the weekend. That’s when the little one turns three years old.

Cardi B and Offset, 2021

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