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Angelina Jolie wears THE denim trend of the summer (and quite unexpectedly)

Angelina Jolie wears the new denim trend

Angelina Jolie doesn’t waste time on trends. The actress and director prefers classic and timeless clothing and adheres to a well-stocked selection of designers, silhouettes and shops. So when Jolie adds a new element to her wardrobe, it’s worth a mention. After celebrating her 46th birthday with her six children in Los Angeles over the weekend, the Oscar winner arrived at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport with the whole family and a chic new look. With her Dior trench coat, Celine’s horizontal cabas dead, and gray face mask, Jolie was (almost) incognito, but no one could ignore her statement denim. Dressed in light blue, wide-cut jeans and a gray sweater, Jolie broke with her time-tested black skinny jeans, much to the surprise of everyone who has followed her style development.

The year 2021 has brought a revival of wide-leg jeans, with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Gigi Hadid adopting the high-waisted and loose-fitting look. Jolie’s outfit choices tend to be pragmatism, and since she’s just completed a five-hour flight, she may have chosen her jeans for convenience. Still, if Jolie falls in love with a new fit, she’s sure to wear it more than once. And even if she doesn’t, the star’s holiday after his birthday has a chic start.

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