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Lamborghini Urus by Kim Kardashian: Tuning

All information about the Lamborghini Urus

by Tim Neumann

What’s more ostentatious than a Lamborghini Urus? Kim Kardashian’s Lamborghini Urus, which is completely wrapped in white fur inside and out. This is behind the curious tuning for the US star.

No, there is no snow on Kim Kardashian’s Lamborghini Urus, but faux fur. And yes, under the fluffy, white fabric is actually the 650 hp SUV. The bull in artificial sheep’s clothing is based on a marketing gag by the US star to promote his fashion label “Skims”. In keeping with this, Kanye West’s wife also wears clothes made of the same fabric while posing in and on her tuning car. How much material went on for the unusual action is just as little known as the cost. The T-shirt worn by Kardashian, however, already costs about 70 euros, for example – based on the photos, it can be seen that the reality TV star was not exactly stingy with the material. Except for the pillars, lights and tires, every inch of the Lamborghini Urus is covered. The interior also overstimulates the eye with white fur applied over a large area. Whether the coating on the airbag steering wheel is a wise decision, we leave uncommented at this point.


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Lamborghini Urus: Tuning by and for Kim Kardashian

Whether in the Lamborghini Urus of Kim Kardashian with the fur cover at all kilometers can be covered, we doubt not least because of the completely covered radiator grille strongly. Once the V8 biturbo gets up to temperature, the SUV should turn straight into a moving torch. In this case, however, the wind could help out at speeds above 305 km/h. What the white fur succeeds well, on the other hand, is the anonymity of the design. Could Kim Kardashian provide new inspiration for Erlkönigfolierungen with her Lamborghini Urus? Probably not, but the idea of being adopted by a polar bear family in winter tests with a prototype is quite amusing, isn’t it?


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