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IS BEheadings at OnlyFans: Hackers stream bestial executions online

They were shocking images that were recently distributed on the adult platform OnlyFans. Hackers had hacked the account of a model and put bestial IS beheadings online – with fatal consequences for the affected user.

Hackers had distributed videos of IS beheadings at OnlyFans.
Image: Adobe Stock/Parad St

Actually, the platform OnlyFans is used to marvel at photos and videos, mainly erotic or pornographic content, but also live streams of celebrities beyond the category. hacker have now taken advantage of the portal to stream an IS beheading live on the net. The British “Daily Mail” had first reported on the heinous hacker attack.

Hackers stream IS beheading at OnlyFans

Accordingly, the hackers had the OnlyFansaccount of a model to stream the heinous execution of the Islamic State online. Apparently, the Internet criminals were after the model’s money. As the “Daily Mail” reports, the hackers had demanded ransom from 22-year-old Tina Bean. Only after receipt of the requested sum would she regain control of her account, the hackers threatened.

Model’s account hacked at OnlyFans! Internet criminals demanded money from Tina Bean

The 22-year-old, who comes from Phoenix, Arizona, has lost almost her entire fan base at OnlyFans as well as tens of thousands of dollars, reports the Brit-Blatt. Previously, the model had desperately tried to drive the hackers from her account by trying to change the password, which unfortunately did not work.

After hack attack: OnlyFans model loses thousands of followers and money

OnlyFans is a subscription-based service where people pay to watch adult content. So far, Bean has earned $2,000 a month. That changed when hackers suddenly took over the young woman’s account and posted videos of heinous IS executions on her platform. “They seemed terrifying,” Tina Bean told the BBC. “I kept erasing them and changing my password, but I kept being locked out of my account.” Subsequently, the hackers are said to have insulted more than 40 of their fans and uploaded their photos to a site. According to Bean, it was hacked several times in just one month before being temporarily banned by OnlyFans.

Her profile is now live again, but she only earns $100 a week if she’s lucky. In response to the story, a spokesperson for OnlyFans said that Bean’s account was vulnerable because it didn’t have two-factor authentication. However, already in April, explicit photos of hundreds of actors, including actress Bella Thorne, were hacked and leaked online at OnlyFans.

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