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Amazon Prime: First pictures of Camila Cabello as Cinderella

Launch date of “Cinderella” on Amazon Prime announced!

Since October 2019, we have known that Camila Cabello will become a Disney princess, because she got the lead role in the remake of “Cinderella”! Filming has been delayed due to Corona, so the production of the film took longer than expected, but now there is even a first start date.

“Cinderella” was actually planned for the cinema, but the launch has now been moved to Amazon Prime. In September, we should be able to see the Disney live-action film. Now we also got the first pictures of Camila Cabello as “Cinderella” and she looks so stunning! In the film, instead of Shawn Mendes, Nicholas Galitzinie is the Prince of Camila Cabello.


“Cinderella”: How Camila Cabello becomes a Disney princess

However, the remake of “Cinderella” will be a bit different from the original disney! The author Kay Cannon has already revealed that she wants to modernize the story and make Cinderella more active and louder – a small activist, so to speak. “I’ve always been someone who was never really excited about the Cinderella story. For me, it was just a few women who are mean to each other. I want to show this beloved character in a way that girls and young women can better identify with what they are going through and recognize themselves.” The modernization also includes other changes: The fairy godmother is played by a man, namely Billy Porter. In addition, the prince does not become the radiant savior, but “Cinderella” aka Camila Cabello is to become the alpha animal of the film. We’re really looking forward to seeing what they’ve conjured up from the movie – and OMG, you can see a little snippet of the iconic blue ball gown and we love it!


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