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News from Kinderband Laurent & Max – This is how Billie Eilish sounds on Züritüütsch

This is how Billie Eilish sounds on Züritüütsch

Max Kämmerling (left) and Laurent Aeberli live together in a shared flat.

In the morning at half way NLaurent Aeberli pokes in a plate of spaghetti without sauce. It has a bicycle courier layer. Max Kämmerling pushes in the five-person shared flat a bialetti on the hob. Chickens cackle in the garden. This Friday, the two Zurich natives have their second album as Laurent & Max published: «En Guete Mitenand in the robber restaurant». It is a saying that Max Kämmerling has remained from his time in the crib in Seefeld. But that was a long time ago.

Laurent & Max started as a joke project. Meanwhile, the two are a successful children's music band.

The list of prejudices that children’s music adheres to is huge: superficial, annoying, popesque. What did you want? on the new album absolutely avoid?

Max Kämmerling: I definitely don’t want to appear patronizing.

Laurent Aeberli: No, certainly not. Schlager I find however Ok, i.e. if with Schlager is meant that a song catchy and easy to Mitsingen is.

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