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Bognor Regis tries to offer something to its visitors – Weil am Rhein

FROM THE TWIN CITY:From today, extensive corona easing will apply in The U.S. In Grobritannia, Weil’s twin city is accompanied by cautious optimism.

. This Monday, July 19, England wants to celebrate Freedom Day. Boris Johnson and his health minister with the historic name Churchill want to persevere what is viewed critically by many Englishmen because of the rapidly rising number of infections caused by the delta variant: the lifting of all restrictions.

Originally planned for June 21, just in time for the start of the bathing season, the Freedom Day baptized Monday had to be postponed again by four weeks. Meanwhile, since the beginning of June, the incidence has risen to a dizzying 384. But since more than half of the population has been fully vaccinated and more than two-thirds at least once, the government risks a complete opening.

But not quite. Before today’s deadline, all hospitals and nursing homes were instructed that staff should continue to wear masks. The AHA rules still apply to many places – but more as a recommendation. Too much is being eaten further economic collapses and increasing dissatisfaction in the population.

When Heather Perrott, Maralyn Green and Ray Haggar from the Stdtepartnerverein spoke with their German friends from Weil am Rhein and Trebbin about the latest developments via video zoom on Thursday, their inclusion sounded cautiously optimistic. The tourists are not yet back to the same extent as usual. With the snowy weather last week you had a good chance to take lonely beach walks. After the meeting in September was postponed to 2022, most members of the English partnership association have booked elsewhere. So it happened that Ray Haggar did not receive an answer to the survey of who wanted to participate in the garden party on September 5, which was arranged with the German friends. All had holiday places in the Sden.

Otherwise, Bognor Regis is almost normal. The big festivals are cancelled, but a number of concerts take place. You have to offer something to the Gsten. You will walk along the beach or shop in the Fugngerzone. From the beach you enter it through a large arcade arch. Arcades were first developed by Parisians in the 19th century and finally came to London in 1817. This type of shopping should shift retail from market places to a more upscale environment. Since many main beaches were provided with arcades, in 1901 a master builder named William Tate also came up with the idea of devouring the city in Bognor. It was supplemented by a Regency house on the east side of the arcade.

Until 1910, local tourers described the “Arcade” as a “very tasteful and functional building with first-class shops”. The “Arcade” remained in the possession of the Tate family until the 1960s, when it was made more expensive to a real estate investment company and recently bought by the Arun District Council.

Queen Mary, who stayed in Craigweil with Knig George V in 1929, visited numerous shops in the city, including the Arcade, where she bought some items at Toyland’s dollhouse. This special shop was opened in 1902 and remained in existence until 1977. In 1929, the stay of Knig with lung disease gave the city the nickname “Regis” – knigliches Bognor. In the same year when Weil am Rhein was elevated to the city.

Via video zoom, the English friends have won their German stdte partners health and a somewhat wrmeren summer. I can only agree with that, your

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