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Angelina Jolie: This medical topic is close to her heart

Angelina Jolie
She talks about the ethnic grievances in medicine

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie has three adopted children from different ethnic backgrounds. In an interview, she now talks about the depiction of non-white skin in medical textbooks.

Together with her husband Brad Pitt, 47, Angelina Jolie, 46, has six children. Twins Vivian and Knox, both 12, and Shiloh, 15, are the couple’s biological children, Zahara, 16, Pax, 17, and Maddox, 19, were adopted. Zahara was born in Ethiopia, Pax in Vietnam and Maddox in Cambodia.

“I have children with different ethnic backgrounds”

In an interview, Angelina Jolie now talks about the skin colors of her children and the extent to which they are depicted in medical textbooks. “I have children with different ethnic backgrounds and I know that if everyone gets the same rash, it looks different for everyone,” says the 46-year-old in an interview with medical student Malone Mukwende. “When I looked at medical tables, the point of reference was always white skin.”

He recently had to undergo surgery on Jolie’s eldest daughter Zahara. The doctors told her after the surgery to call if her ethiopian-based skin turned pink – a condition Jolie had never heard of before.

Angelina Jolie with her children Vivian (l.), Zahara (3rd from left), Shiloh (2nd from right) and Knox (r.)

Angelina Jolie with her children Vivian (l.), Zahara (3rd from left), Shiloh (2nd from right) and Knox (r.)

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Angelina Jolie: Colored skin is underrepresented in textbooks

Mukwende confirms the statements of the actress. When Jolie talks about the textbooks that exclusively represent white skin, the medical student says: “I noticed this relatively early on. Almost all medicine refers exclusively to [weiße Haut]”. Mukwende adds in conversation with Jolie: “As you mentioned, this is a very serious problem for different ethnic groups because their symptoms may see [aufgrund ihrer Hautfarbe] differently and then they don’t go to the doctor because they can’t classify it correctly.”

Malone Mukwende has published a book that deals with the issue of the lack of representation of different ethnic groups in medicine. Under the title “Mind the Gap”, the author illustrates different skin conditions for different skin colors.

Your children are the most important thing for Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated in 2016, they were still trying to divorce their children by mutual consent. However, a war of the roses quickly developed between the still spouses, which ended again and again in court. Especially with regard to the custody of the joint children, the couple did not agree. Jolie recently accused Bad Pitt of domestic violence against her eldest son Maddox and demanded sole custody. However, a court has now ruled on joint custody of the actors for their five minor children.

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