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With big Billie Eilish special, Kings Of Convenience, Lucy Dacus and Stevie Wonder: The new music express is here!

To get started, as always, our “Making-Of” from the print product advertised here:


“Ice cream in the park / Has life ever been hard?” Welcome to the time of a breather. Of course, it may be temporary. After all, who knows today what will happen when the weather calls us all back in autumn? Because of the pandemic – nothing seems certain. Except for one thing: It’s summer right now. Keyword July, keyword August. Now finally once again pointlessly lying around on meadows.

Speaking of Park: A colleague makes the comparison, international pop stars resemble such. Eyebrows are raised. But, she insists: Both are popular, accessible to all, young and old can be found here and everyone pulls out exactly what suits him or her best in the offer.

“It’s just when everyone comes with their garbage that it gets uncomfortable,” says someone else – and everyone fears that the analogy will now be spun up to the career of Britney Spears. Fortunately not. And how much park there is in Billie Eilish also remains open. In any case, no one doubts their global pop star status. In this issue, we examine it more than thoroughly. It is a pleasure for us. Greetings from the park.

The Musikexpress 08/21 – the topics at a glance:

Billie Eilish – Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles

The 19-year-old Billie Eilish is the biggest pop star of our time – and the most unlikely: From scary with toxic waste-colored hair, she has now turned into a glamour icon for the release of her second album, HAPPIER THAN EVER. What does that mean?

Lucy Dacus – Final strokes are the best

On her third album HOME VIDEO, Lucy Dacus talks about the past – with red cheeks, but without any ornate metaphors and paraphrases. The time of shame is over and the songwriter creates clarity. On record and in an interview.

Gaspard Augé – French House

Outside, one half of Justice has her solo debut, inside an incredible collection of retrofuturistic favorite objects. Gaspard Augé leads us through his Parisian apartment.

Jehnny Beth & Bobby Gillespie – Where Love Falls

They are almost as old as this crazy little thing called love itself: vocal duets under supposedly romantic omens. Sometimes dramatic like Nancy and Lee, cool like PJ and Thom, erotic like Gainsbourg and Birkin. On UTOPIAN ASHES, Jehnny Beth and Bobby Gillespie sing about the end of a love.

Laura Marling: “My interest in being a woman is not political”

Laura Marling, 31, is one of the best singer/songwriters of her generation. In addition to her Grammy-nominated guitar songs, she also plays more electronic, psychedelic music with Mike Lindsay of the folktronica band Tunng – under the name Lump, whose second album ANIMAL is now coming out. Without this balance, says Marling, she would have already given up her solo career. Even her solo album SONG FOR OUR DAUGHTER would not have been created in 2020 without Lump.

Kings Of Convenience – The Opposite of Cat Years

After a ten-year hiatus, a new album by Kings Of Convenience is released. If you believe the words of Erlend Øye, it is a small miracle that he and Eirik Glambek Bøe came together again – and still the most natural thing in the world.

ME Hero: Stevie Wonder – Songs in The Key Of Stevie

Political, funky, visionary: From the blind Motown wonder boy, Stevie Wonder became one of the most influential pop pioneers of the seventies. He redefined African-American music with an unmatched album series. He introduced the hell machine into soul: the synthesizer. Above all, he is an unwavering optimist and do-gooder. And the world warmer thanks to his music.

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