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Selena Gomez: This is why dating is so incredibly difficult!


The pop singer Selena Gomez is probably the crush of an incredible number of men. After all, she is one of the most famous artists in the world. Still, she has problems finding the right one. In an interview, the 28-year-old has now revealed why dating is so difficult.

If you look at the musical side of Selena Gomez, you couldn’t be more successful. But not everything runs smoothly at Beauty. In love it just doesn’t want to work out properly since Justin Bieber. Now the singer has revealed some details about her and about the dates of other men.

Selena Gomez struggles with a big problem

In an interview with Vogue, Selena Gomez revealed some details about herself and why dating doesn’t really work out. This is mainly due to one thing: it would be difficult for her to trust other people. “I can’t meet anyone and really know if they like me for who I am,” she told the magazine. But that’s not all. She was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For them, however, the diagnosis also has a good side. For her it is now “less scary” and now she knows what she is suffering from.

This is how the singer ensures stability in her life

So that she is more carefree in her life and also brings a certain stability to her days, she now told Vogue that she would avoid social media. “I woke up one morning and like every other person I opened Instagram first and I was done,” revealed the 28-year-old. She was tired of seeing other people’s lives. After deciding to cut social media out of her life as much as possible, she felt instant freedom and has been happier ever since. Already read? Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are supposed to be separated!


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