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Billie Eilish reacts to fan criticism: “My breasts are bigger than yours”

After revealing photos
“My breasts are bigger than yours”: Billie Eilish reacts to fan criticism

Billie Eilish always stands out for her outfits

Billie Eilish always stands out for her outfits

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Billie Eilish has been unusually permissive for some time. But not everyone likes her new look. Now she is reacting on social media to the criticism of her person, which has been going on for days.

Billie Eilish is actually known for weird, wide outfits and colorful hair. But for two months now, the singer has suddenly been making a name for herself with a new look. After adorning the June issue of British Vogue in tight corsage, lace and latex, she now seems to have taken a liking to wearing body-hugging outfits.

In a related interview, Eilish admits that she used to feel very uncomfortable in her body and therefore wore wide clothes since puberty. With the Vogue cover, the “Bad Guy” performer is also becoming increasingly provocative on her social media profiles. But not everyone likes Eilish’s image change.

Billie Eilish is permissive on Instagram

On her recent posts on Instagram, the singer once again emphasizes her curves by presenting herself in a colorful corsage and beige lace bra. She only writes: “Yes… I know,” knowing full well that she will again receive criticism for her elevator. And this was not long in coming, because Eilish has been receiving criticism for days now.

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“Where is old Billie Eilish who doesn’t want to show her body? Please, I like the old Billie much better,” one fan comments on the photos. “Looks like Billie is relying on her breasts and body to promote her upcoming album. What happened to her ‘I don’t want to be sexualized’ comment?” is the next unfavorable comment. Many fans do not take away the star’s newfound body awareness and accuse her of being calculating.

Billie Eilish apologizes after accusations of racism on Instagram

“My breasts are bigger than yours”

But Billie Eilish is also known for not mincing his words. On TikTok, she reacts promptly to the hate comments and uploads a video of herself in which she rolls her eyes, shakes her head in disbelief and writes: “Is only I thinking this, or has Billie arrived in her flop era? Why is she just annoying now?” Underneath the recording, she also vents her anger and adds: “That’s literally all I read about myself on this app. You can see me, my breasts are bigger than yours.”

In fact, Billie Eilish is less concerned with what is being said about her. Her fans have the feeling that they know her well, but in reality they don’t: “Whenever I see something about myself on the net, it reminds me how little people know about me. I’m not revealing anything,” she told Rolling Stone last June.

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