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Where hygiene standards are highest

What was left for people in the past lockdown other than to distract themselves in the forced cocooning next to netflixing and cooking with cleaning. No dirt was safe from the Germans. Cleaning was suddenly no longer synonymous with nameless cleaning crews that draw their circles after work. Cleaning had suddenly arrived in the middle of society and will remain so. For the high-pressure variant, there is even a separate word in the Duden. Which brings us to my guest. The mammoth Christ in Rio de Janeiro owes him his fresh appearance and a Hollywood star is one of his best customers. Hartmut Jenner thinks nothing of employers’ associations or trade unions – and prefers to relax from his job as CEO of the Kärcher Group, the Swabian world market leader for cleaning equipment with a turnover of around 2.6 billion euros, while driving a sweeper. Jenner tells me why cleaning crews will soon be replaced by robots, what he thinks of central banks, where hygiene standards are highest (spoiler: not in Germany!), how he sells Kärcher products to fellow passengers on long-haul flights – and why his own vineyard is important for customer acquisition.

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