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Netflix and video games, ready to enter the market in 2022: the Bloomberg report

The first rumors related to a possible entry of Netflix into the world of video games had already appeared in the course of May. Now, the rumors are back with greater force, following the publication of an interesting report by Bloomberg.The well-known journalistic signature reports having had contact with ” people informed of the facts ” – whose identity is obviously not revealed -, who would have confirmed the intention of the streaming giant to make its entry into the world of video games. The plan, which has been in planning for some time now, would be ready to accelerate over the next few months. To lead the transition, Netflix would have selected Mike Verdu: formerly responsible for the development of Oculus for Facebook, the latter would be close to taking on the role of Vice President of Game Development.

The expansion of the company’s operations, Bloomberg reports, should materialize as early as 2022, with video games ready to constitute a new area of activity for the platform, similar to what has already been seen for documentaries and stand-up comedies. This evolution would have a dual function: on the one hand to expand and strengthen Netflix’s commercial power, on the other to justify future price increases for the service.

At the moment, of course, there are no official confirmations in this regard. In this context, however, it is certainly interesting to note a growing approach of the streaming giant to the world of video games, with TV series dedicated to IP videogames. and the recent organization of the Netflix Geeked Gaming event and WitcherCon, during which The Witcher Season 2 trailer was presented.



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