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Naughty Dog expands the Multiplayer team: Factions of The Last of Us 2 or is there more?

What have the Naughty Dog guys been up to since they released The Last of Us Part 2 ? Officially it is not known, the cognac has never been revealed to us through traditional communication channels, but numerous clues collected in recent months point to a multiplayer experience. Unlike the progenitor, The Last of Us Part 2 arrived on the market without the Factions multiplayer mode. The reasons were explained in detail last year: apparently, Naughty Dog’s creative vision had grown so much that it could no longer be contained in a simple add-on component. It is, therefore, possible that Factions has become a game in its own right: a job advertisement for a Level / Environment Designer last June clearly mentioned the presence of the studio’s “first stand-alone multiplayer game” .Is it actually related to The Last of Us Part 2? Or is it something else entirely? Whatever the answer, we know for sure that Naughty Dog is continuing on this path by expanding its team of creatives specializing in multiplayer experiences: there are dozens and dozens of job positions open in the California studio in July, and many of these require familiarity with the world. of multiplayer games: Associate Gameplay Scripter, Gameplay Scripter, Level / Environment Designer, Monetization / Economy Designer, Visual Effect Artist, AI Programmer, Animation Programmer, Backend Programmer and UI Scripter / Programmer. We can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog’s first online multiplayer game will look like .



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