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Pokèmon GO: Generation 7 creatures and Mega Mewtwo X are coming

The already huge roster of Pokémon Go monsters may soon expand further with the introduction of the seventh generation monsters! This was suggested by the creators of the Augmented Reality game, which has raised a whopping $ 5 billion since it was launched in 2016! The clue was found in an artwork created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Pokémon GO, an event that is celebrated in these days (the launch took place on July 6 in Australia, on July 7 in the USA, and on July 15 by us). As you can also see in the image attached to this news, it is not at all difficult to see the presence of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, that is the sixth generation starter Pokémon, who made their debut with Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS. Equally interesting is the presence in the artwork of Mega Mewtwo X, one of the two possible Mega Evolutions of the legendary creature. We do not know when these creatures will arrive in Pokémon GO – in the absence of an official announcement, it is impossible to establish it solely on the basis of these clues – but after having seen them in this artwork, we are confident in a launch set by the end of this 2021. Speaking of Pokémon GO, did you know that there is a trainer who has dominated a gym for almost 4 years?



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