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Fortnite Hotfix 17.10: the Alien Nanites arrive, a new special weapon and more

Fortnite continues to update continuously week after week: even when there are no big patches, the “smallest” hotfixes are there to provide players with new incentives to give them a damn on the island of the Royal Battle. The most recent, Fortnite’s Hotfix 17.10, has, for example, added the Alien Nanites, objects full of surprises. First, you can throw them on the ground to create a low gravity biome that you can get out of and in. Also, like Screws and Bolts, they can be used as crafting components: combine one with a rare or better SMG to create a Kimera Ray Weapon, with a rare or better assault rifle to create a Pulse Rifle, or even with a rare or better Sniper Rifle to craft a Rail Cannon. Alien Nanites can be found on the ground, above the Kidnappers, and in the Mothership. An alien named Choppy and a robot named Zyg now roam south of the island, planting what appear to be parasite eggs: by hindering their plans you will get the new Special Ray Weapon, a more powerful version of the standard Kymera. Hotfix 7.10 has also changed a location, what was once the peaceful Holly Hedges: in this place, alien biomes have begun to form around the houses, a new flora similar to that of their home planet which is a great spot. starting to get your hands on alien technology. We take this opportunity to inform you that among our pages you will find a guide on how to unlock the Silver, Gold and Prismatic styles.



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