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The Last of Us Part 2, not just the map: also Ellie’s diary recreated by a fan

Although a year has now passed since the release of the Naughty Dog title, Ellie’s epic continues to represent a vivid memory for many players. Some of these have also decided to try their hand at creating artistic productions inspired by the title: after the Seattle map of The Last of Us: Part 2, now the diary of the young protagonist also arrives. As those who have ventured into Sony production will remember, Ellie has a great passion, as well as for the guitar, also for drawing. And this is how, making her way through the dangers of a post-apocalyptic Seattle, the girl dedicates herself to compiling a special diary, accompanied by a rich collection of illustrations and notes.

Conquered by the design of the girl’s diary, an enthusiast decided to reproduce it in reality, through work started about a year ago. Following a long hiatus, the author has now returned to show up on Reddit, where he has shared the latest hand-made pages with the community. The replica is extremely faithful to the original, with illustrations made in pencil and some annotations that tell the progress of the path of revenge undertaken by the young Ellie within The Last of Us: Part 2



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