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Team Fortress 2 reaches its peak of players on Steam 14 years after release

Team Fortress 2 is considered to be one of Valve’s most popular and beloved titles. 14 years after its original October 2007 release on PC and consoles (as part of The Orange Box collection ), the fast-paced multiplayer FPS continues to be played by hundreds of thousands of players.

The number is not accidental considering that just today, June 25, 2021, it reached its maximum peak of players ever recorded on Steam: as many as 151,253 users played the Valve title at the same time, surpassing the previous record always marked in recent times, precisely in December 2020, where there were 147,360 active players at the same time. These are impressive numbers for a title that still drags almost three decades on its shoulders. However, the support for the game has been constant throughout all these years, among other things with a new patch that arrived in the course of this week.

The patch, however, was limited to adjusting the overall stability of the game and adding the new customization items related to the summer of 2021, perhaps too little to justify a mass reunion on Team Fortress 2 . Many therefore argue about the reason for this new record: some players report that the games are free from bots, while others believe that the surge in users is due to the presence of numerous bot creators looking for new ways to circumvent any form. of anti-bot measures added with the latest update. Whatever the reason, it is still a remarkable achievement for an “old” game that is still loved today.

In recent months, the game has also been at the center of an unfortunate story: the source code of Team Fortress 2 has been stolen.



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