Microsoft, the group behind the SolarWinds breach attacked Customer Service

In unsuspected times, an organized group that goes by the name of Nobelium exploited a flaw in Orion SolarWinds to attack numerous companies, including Microsoft itself, by clarifying part of the source code.

Well, the team that conducted the SolarWinds breach tried to launch a new attack on the Redmond giant, apparently without success.

As revealed by the companyNobelium has tried to break through the tools of Microsoft Customer Support without really succeeding in any of the main targets. Apparently, in fact, only three of Nobelium’s strategic objectives have been compromised, but the company has not revealed further details on the matter.

However, Microsoft has stated that these violations have allowed the group to have access to the basic information of a small cluster of users, and thanks to this data the attackers have tried to conduct highly targeted attacks.

The company said it managed to handle the situation in time, responded quickly and in a coordinated manner, and was able to remove the group’s access before it was too late. Obviously, the entities involved were notified, even the targets on which the attack was unsuccessful.

A particularly eventful period as regards IT security. In fact, Acer and Fujifilm have recently been victims of ransomware attacks.

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