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Jennifer Aniston is ready for new love

The 52-year-old actress is open to a new relationship, but by no means wants to find her future partner online, and has no plans at all to go to me if she does.

The Star of Good Friends is looking for a partner but wants to stay with traditional methods. The 52-year-old actress strongly rejects online dating. How marriage stands, well, it’s not meant to remarry, it wants nothing more than a “fantastic partner” with whom you can live your life so that you can both enjoy it and have fun. He says everyone should trust that, he says the papers don’t matter that much. 

Aniston was previously the wife of Brad Pitt. They got married in 2000 and the Phrygian lasted for 5 years. Her second husband was Justin Theroux, from whom she divorced in 2018 after two years – they were together for seven years anyway. The actress is currently focusing on her work, her friends, and of course her pets. He is currently playing in a new series on The Morning Show. 

I am in a truly peaceful place. I have a job I love, there are people in my life who mean everything to me, and I have three beautiful dogs. I feel very lucky and blessed 

Aniston told People magazine. He also added that if you have difficult moments, meditation will help you get over them. He always tries to take time for sunsets and emphasizes the key to self-awareness. He says the therapy has given him a lot because while there are a lot of amazing things involved with being a public figure, it also brings a lot of tough things, one can easily become a target. He says some things are hard to ignore, like when they start gossiping about expecting a baby. 

Incidentally, the actress was last in the spotlight when the special edition of the series Good Friends arrived. The special episode debuted on May 27 in the HBO GO offering featuring sitcom protagonists. James Michael Tyler, who played the role of Gunther alone, did not appear in person at the premiere event, it was later revealed that the 59-year-old actor is struggling with prostate cancer, which has unfortunately already caused metastases in his bones. Tyler recently testified about his illness on the NBC Today show, encouraging everyone to go for screening regularly. 



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