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Destiny 2, the weapons of the Moon and the Dreaming City are back: complete list

At the launch of Season 13 last February, Bungie brought four weapons from the Moon and four from the Dreaming City back to Destiny 2 with new features, updating them to the current Power Level. Now, several months later, he is preparing to do the same with the remaining weapons of the two destinations.

As part of the Destiny 2 update scheduled for Tuesday 6 July, the house of Bellevue will present the remaining weapons, both of the Moon and the Dreaming City, with new features. Which are we talking about? Here is the complete list (an example of the new features in brackets):

Weapons of the Moon

  • Loud Lullaby (Narrow Field of View)
  • One Small Step (Perforated barrel)
  • Tranquility (Frenzy)
  • Arc Logic (Heating)
  • Dreambreaker (Corner)
  • Every Waking Moment (Killer Wind)
  • Love and Death (Chain Reaction)
  • A Nice Memorial (Addicted to Adrenaline)
  • Night Terror (One for all)

Weapons of the Dreaming City

  • Tiger’s Spite (Frenzy)
  • Twilight Oath (Vorpal Weapon)
  • Return Tolerance (Trebbia)

All the weapons listed above will be available from the same sources and in the same original destinations. Lovers of Twilight Oath, one of the most famous guns in the Deep Shadows expansion, will also be particularly happy. We take this opportunity to inform you that a new edition of the Iron Banner will take place from Tuesday 29 June to Tuesday 6 July.



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