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Will FIFA 22 also be released on PS4 or only on PS5, PC, Xbox Series X and Switch?

Electronic Arts have not yet announced FIFA 22 but many are wondering which platforms will be supported by the new soccer game by EA Sports, arriving as always during the autumn. Will the game be next-gen only or will it also be released on older generation consoles?

The EA publisher will almost certainly launch the new FIFA on the largest number of platforms, so we can expect FIFA 22 to arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS smartphones/tablets, and there are those. is also betting on a version for Google Stadia.

It is unclear whether the older generation console editions will enjoy the ” Legacy ” suffix mainly containing updated squads and team and stadium licenses, leaving any technical and content improvements to the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S versions.

To find out more we will have to wait for the announcement of the game which will most likely take place during the EA Play event scheduled for July 22nd. In the past few hours, a leak has revealed the Beta of FIFA 22 and a test phase may likely be unveiled this summer, waiting to find out when the FIFA 22 demo will be released and how EA Sports will handle the licensing issue. According to some rumors, FIFA 22 will be the official game of Serie A TIM but some Serie A clubs (think for example of Napoli Calcio) have entered into an exclusive partnership with eFootball PES for the next few years.



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