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Halo Infinite: why doesn’t it have a launch date yet? Phil Spencer answers

Most of us would have expected definitive launch date for Halo Infinite at the end of the new trailer dedicated to the multiplayer sector that Microsoft showed during its crackling Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase held on the occasion of E3.

Instead of providing a precise date, 343 Industries has limited itself to providing us with a more general time indicationset for a ” Holiday 2021 “. This caused a slight concern from users, who were already waiting for Halo Infinite at the release of the Xbox Series X | S before the Sci-Fi shooter was postponed for about a year by the development team.

Phil Spencer himself spoke on the matter, the charismatic leader of the Xbox division, who explained why the title does not yet have a definitive date. According to a recent podcast, 343i is considering 3-4 different weeks in which to eventually publish the game, probably between November and December 2021. However, the final decision has not yet been made. Furthermore, it is not of secondary importance to evaluate wisely and weigh the publications of other highly relevant titles at that time of the year that could go to dent the day one sale of the new epic Master Chief adventure. In short, what Spencer wanted to underline is that there is no risk that Halo Infinite will be further postponed.



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