Goodbye hiccups – this weird straw promises to get it through fast

Hiccups are definitely something very annoying. Many “home” methods can be used to pass it, such as drinking a glass of water, holding your breath, eating a spoonful of sugar, or the classic fright. However, very often these are unreliable methods.

This new item, however, promises to get the hiccups through faster than all the methods out there. The device was called HiccAway and was even featured in research published in the JAMA Network Open magazine. According to 249 volunteers worldwide, the odd straw worked 90% better than known methods.

How does the bizarre object work? The straw has a very normal appearance on one side while on the other it has a pressure valve that requires a stronger “suction force” than a normal straw. The power exerted by the suction causes the contraction of the diaphragm, which stops – at least in theory – the hiccups.

Those who have used the device claim that one or two attempts are enough for the hiccups to go away. Obviously, more careful tests are needed before we can say that the straw is the best method ever invented for the cure of hiccups. The invention comes directly from a neurologist, called Ali Seifi, who has been looking for a solution for years to stop hiccups in his patients who have the problem due to brain injuries.

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