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Battlefield 2042, the latest mode is Buttlehub? New rumors from Tom Henderson

On the occasion of E3 2021, Electronic Arts offered the public more opportunities to take a look at the new shooter DICE, most recently with the gameplay video of Battlefield 2042 presented at the Xbox Showcase Extended.

The EA home team, however, has anticipated that it has kept aside a further surprise for fans, with a final game mode yet to be revealed. On this front, however, some advances may have already arrived, by the voice of the well-known insider Tom Henderson. After correctly anticipating an extensive review of details on Battlefield 2042, the latter is back in charge, heralding the reveal of the “Battlehub” mode.

According to reports, the latter should represent a kind of less technical game mode and more devoted to pure fun. The balance – says Tom Henderson – should leave room here for the celebration of the history of Battlefield, between maps from previous chapters revisited in a remastered version, along with old weapons and vehicles. The Buttlehub sandbox experience, he continues, will be available as a standalone download, but the purchase of Battlefield 2042 will still be required to access it. In the future, he concludes, dedicated Battle Passes will be available.

Obviously, we remember that we are talking about simple rumors: certain information on this will come only with Play Live on July 22, 2021.



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