Hailey Baldwin adopts simple social media rules to stay positive


Justin Bieber’s model wife has tested her social media interactions.

Having gone through a lot of criticism and online toxicity, American model Hailey Baldwin finally set a simple rule for her social media interactions.

The practical solution of the 24-year-old model helps her maintain a positive mindset. The model previously disabled your Twitter account. He also limited his use of social media to weekends, revealed harper’s Bazaar.

“I’m only 24 and I’m still figuring out who I am as a woman,” Justin Bieber’s half-orange said.

“Who I am in my career. Who am I as a wife? So many things are happening, yet I had to take a break from looking at myself and other people. I had to start doing this, where I don’t go to Instagram Monday through Friday. If it’s necessary to publish something, I have someone I work with who does it for me. I had to take it off myself.”

Hailey Baldwin had said in an earlier interview that she suffered the online hatred that peaked after marrying Justin Bieber in 2018, adding that her marriage “really opened me up to this new kind of attention level.”

“When it comes to social media, I’ve definitely gone through a lot of comparisons. Compare me to other people, be compared to other people, feel like I need to have this kind of body to feel good about myself,” the model said.

“It can be a hole so dark that you sink, and it happens so quickly and easily. With social media, you click on one thing and see another, and then you’re in this strange rabbit hole, and you’re belittling yourself.”


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