Amid his intense divorce, Kanye West is sued by Walmart


The rapper has been accused of plagiarism by Walmart for allegedly copying his new logo.

Kanye West certainly doesn’t go through his best, as in addition to being immersed in the divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian, he is now accused of plagiarism by the Walmart company.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received notice of opposition from Walmart, ensuring that the logo designed by Yeezy, West’s sportswear brand, is very similar to yours.

The logo of the multinational and that of the rapper’s brand are inspired by a sun; Walmart’s are continuous lines, while Yeezy’s is made up of dotted lines.

Walmart has created that logo since 2017 and is assured by the company that it has contacted Yeezy executives several times, without having had a response so far.

Kanye West’s sportswear brand is valued at $3.2 billion, and in January 2020 it expressed its intention to change its logo, but so far it has not.


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