Frankie Jonas has several years of difference from Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas– he was born in 2000, while the other three are from 1987, 1989, and 1992 respectively.

When the older brothers formed the Jonas Brothers and began their musical career in 2005, he was only five years old.

Being the little one of the family and not part of the band, fans had sympathetically renamed him “Bonus Jonas“. But Frankie has now explained in an interview with Bustle that you should stop calling him that because that nickname is a label with which he struggled to relate and break away to find his own identity.

 I always hated that nickname — he said — A lot of my problems with being under public scrutiny was that I was seen in a commoditized version of myself.”

He recounted that he was 12 years old when he first took to Twitter and searched for his name: “There were some pretty bad things for a 12-year-old to read them. So many said, ‘If you ever feel forgotten, remember this guy.’ Or: ‘Frankie Jonas is talentless.’

“Reading those things has become a form of self-harm. I couldn’t stop. I checked every day to feel okay somehow and it had become a serious problem for me. They instilled in me the idea that I was just a meme. I was a joke and my whole identity to people was to be ‘adjacent’ [to the Jonas Brothers], which really touched me the way I perceived myself.”

Joe Jonas took to the pages of the paper to support his little brother: “I refuse to call Frankie ‘Bonus Jonas’ after he opened up with me and told me when it was painful for him. It makes complete sense, we’ve already had long conversations and apologies in private, which showed my understanding and respect for his desire. I think hearing you second, third or fourth in something is not right: we are all the same.”

Frankie Jonas had been working in the acting world since she was seven years old but at 15, in 2015, she decided to leave Hollywood. Lately, he has found a new breath of notoriety thanks to the videos he posts on his TikTok account.


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