Selena Gomez’s new explosive look drives her fans crazy


Selena Gomez surprised her followers when she revealed by surprise her new plated look.

The feeling of music Selena Gomez surprised her fans when she revealed by surprise her new look, of an explosive blonde after spending eight hours clarifying her locks.

The 28-year-old singer revealed this Friday that her distinctive brown hair had been dyed blond.

Selena debuted with her new tufts plated on her Rare Beauty brand’s social media page while showing off her ‘new look’ with a mirror image.

The whole process reportedly took 200 pictures, several bleach bowls, and 8 hours of hair magic. His lifelong colorists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri did the process.

The pop star’s new look received massive applause from her fans and friends. Many of her fans began calling her ‘Blondelena’.

Selena Gomez had previously dyed her hair blonde in 2017 but made the leap back to brunette after a brief season.


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