Slightly behind the rest of the world, at the end of last March Kim Kardashian showed that she was watching Bridgerton all in one breath and documented in Stories how she fell more and more in love with the series.

She also has a fan in the cast: Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington (and we don’t add anything else to avoid spoilers).

The 34-year-old actress revealed on her Twitter account that the Kardashian clan was the mold to model her character and those of the colleagues who played the sisters:

As Bridgeton’s world number one admirer, does Kim Kardashian know that the Kardashians were a huge inspiration to feather ringtones and that we always talked about them during rehearsals? Because I feel like he should know,” Nicola Coughlan wrote.

When the person directly concerned heard about it, she reacted enthusiastically, as evidenced by the countless exclamation points she used:

What is that? I’m going crazy!!!!!! – replied Kim Kardashian – This tweet was shot on my Bridgerton group chat. Can I please come to a dress rehearsal? That would be great.”

In turn, Nicola Coughlan replied that” of course ” they would love to have the star at a rehearsal and revealed another anecdote: ” Did you know that Mr. Pearl made your corset for the Met Gala and that what he created soon after was mine from Bridgerton? You’ve been part of the Bridgerton world for more than you know!”

Who knows, maybe the production could now catch the ball for a cameo: the second, third, and fourth seasons of the series have already been announced.


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