Prince Harry and William are subtly supported despite the enmity


The brothers, grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, filed their roughness after Prince Philip’s funeral.

The whole world saw Prince Harry and William meet for the first time in more than a year at Prince Philip’s funeral last week.

What further intrigued real fans around the world was how the two chatt amicably and walked together after the funeral ended.

According to body language expert Elaine Swann, Harry and William still love each other, regardless. When the Duke of Cambridge leaned towards his brother, it was a “very hopeful sign for these two young men,” he said.

“William did his best to open his body language to his brother,” Swann explained of the brothers’ post-funeral walk. “You must look at the fact that you turned it towards him. And then, in that opening, that says, ‘Go ahead, let’s talk, let’s talk.’ He didn’t walk side by side but actually turned. towards her brother, ” continued the etiquette expert.

Swann added that the royal princes hinted at a possible reconciliation with the way they approached after the funeral.

“When you know you’ve offended or maybe bothered your older brother, then you’re going to do what you can to correct it,” he said. “You recognize two brothers trying to bring things together. I think Harry was doing everything he could to say, “Hey, you know, brother, we’re, we’re still here. I’m still here. I still love you.'”

Swann went on to say how Prince Harry and William met in pain over their grandfather’s death.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction because every time we lose a loved one, the other thing we start doing is doing an inventory,” he said, adding, “The prince’s death has really made everyone in this family think about what life is like, the fact that when someone leaves, he leaves.”

“This family is looking at the full scope of things and recognizing that life is precious,” Swann said. “So, this is the way for Philip to really, in my opinion, bring this family back together.”


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