Prince Andrew “showed signs of suspicion” at Prince Philip’s funeral


The body language of Prince Andrew, with his body swaying from side to side, showed a sad person.

Prince Andrew surprised fans with his “rocking” body language at the funeral of his father, Prince Philip, and fans are shocked by the “sad character.”

This statement was presented by Body Language Expert Dr. Louise Maher: “The most remarkable thing about Andrew was that, as they walked, he swayed from side to side.”

“His body does not move in a straight line, it goes from side to side. I think your body is showing the signs of a lifetime of indulgence. His stomach is swollen under his ribs. ”

“It lifts his chest so we had a lot of the white on his shirt showing. His arms are at his sides and he sways from side to side. No one else spoke to him, he just stood behind his daughter. I thought I was looking at a sad character. ”

It should be remembered that in 2019, Prince Andrew was forced to deny that he had any involvement with the activities of the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, including sex trafficking and abuse, and was forced to retire from his role in the Royal Family afterward. from a disastrous interview with the BBC that same year.


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