Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez revealed to fans yesterday that they broke up.

 We have realized that we are better as friends – they made it known in a joint statement – We will continue to work together and support each other, in the businesses and projects we share. We wish each other and their children the best.”

The breakup announcement came a month after rumors came out that they had been fighting a lot lately and that they had lost faith in each other. Those directly concerned had denied these rumors while admitting that they were ” working on some things ” in their report at the time.

At the time, the 45-year-old former baseball player had flown to the Dominican Republic, where the singer and actress were making an upcoming film.

The attempt to recover the relationship did not work, given the announcement of the breakup, and now American magazine insiders are telling that it would be Jennifer Lopez who would end the official engagement with Alex Rodriguez.

 JLo hadn’t been happy in a while — said a source from E! News – Once his trust is betrayed, there is no turning back. He feels good about his decision because he knows that ARod will still be in his life, only in a different guise.” This “different robe” refers to the fact that they have common economic interests, with several investments made when they were a couple.

The People insider added: ” They spent time together in the Dominican Republic and decided it was best to take different paths. They left themselves so friendly.”

JLo and ARod had become a couple in 2017. By March 2019, the wedding proposal had arrived against the romantic backdrop of a vacation in the Bahamas.

They were living together, with the twins of artist Emme and Maximilian,13, and the sportsman’s daughters, Ella,12, and Natasha,16.