Are you trying to grow hair as long as that of a princess – or Camila Cabello? But instead of a romantic mileage, you find yourself with a tremendous collection of split ends. Happens.

Contrary to what many hair products say, split ends cannot be repaired. Once divided, no miracle balm will be able to reglue them. Are you taking all the necessary precautions, how to avoid using the hair straightener every day or tying them tight? Then maybe you can solve the problem by changing your habits in the shower.

Hair is weaker when wet than when it is dry because it loses the layer of natural oils that protect them from external agents. Clean and wet hair has no protection.

This means that every time you comb your hair when wet, it inevitably causes damage to its structure, leading to the creation of unfortunate split ends.

So how to prevent the tips from breaking in wet hair?

First, you should stop, as tempting as it is, getting out of the shower and wrapping your hair in a towel. Swab them (don’t rub them!) with a clean t-shirt. Cotton from an old t-shirt absorbs much more water than a rough common sponge and is also much more delicate.

Now resist the call of the brush. Instead, apply a conditioner without rinsing (do not overdo it with quantities) and then comb the hair with the fingers of your hand.

At this point, let the hair dry itself (in summer it is easier, of course) without using the hairdryer. Once dry you can finally comb them with a wide-tooth comb.

Tip: Never comb your hair from the roots to the tips, do the opposite. Instead, start at the ends and climb slowly over the upper sections, gradually untangling the knots. This also helps a lot to prevent split ends.