Jennifer Lopez tests Alex Rodriguez with breakup rumors


The singer and actress have put A-Rod to the test to see if she is really engaged in their relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship problems have spread across all social media and a new source has come forward to talk about all the rumors that have turned on social media.

The informant explained to Fox News that JLo let go of the idea of rupture, and admitted that “it was a test to see if A-Rod was really committed to the future of their relationship.”

In addition, the source also claimed that JLo left all the pressure on Rodriguez’s shoulders, as she is currently in the Dominican Republic filming her new film Shotgun Wedding.

“Look, J-Lo is busy shooting a movie,” the source said. “So I couldn’t control the damage by the headlines who had nothing to do with the production.”

“So he basically told Alex to ‘fix it and that’s when we started seeing Alex at the front in the audience stating that he wasn’t single and that he was still with her.”