Brad Pitt devastated by Angelina Jolie’s alevous attack


The actor is convinced that his ex planned to launch these allegations at the end of the trial to try to take advantage.

Brad Pitt is devastated that Angelina Jolie recently accused him of alleged marital abuse in the custody trial of her children.

While the former couple is already legally divorced, they still fight for custody of their six children, so they remain in a legal battle that seems not to end, and Jolie is willing to do anything until she confronts her children with Pitt to achieve her goal.

Jolie, 45, filed court documents stating that she and her children were willing to offer testimony and evidence of her 57-year-old Pitt accusations.

Court documents, although private and sealed, were leaked to The Blast site.

“Brad is devastated that Angelina has taken that path. There’s a lot of excitement left after their marriage. He has taken responsibility for her actions and acknowledged her past mistakes, stopped drinking and smoking, but she has never admitted any defects,” a source told Page Six.

“Brad has talked about his problems with drinking and drugs during the time they were together. He has never been arrested or charged with anything and there has never been a police report on allegations of marital abuse. There was the incident of the widely publicized aircraft, but although it was investigated, he was never charged.”

“The accusations were calculated to influence the opinion before the conclusion of his trial. Brad feels he’s increasingly isolated from his children, and he’s devastated by it.”

Other sources told Page Six that the children have been interviewed by court-appointed therapists, but recent reports that the eldest son Maddox, 19, gave a negative testimony against Pitt are believed to be false.

Pitt fights for joint custody of her children, while Jolie wants exclusive custody, so she can take her children to live outside the United States, away from her father.


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