Demi Lovato had a ‘physical reaction’ when she watched her own documentary series


The singer did not let seven seconds of the video pass when she reacted and asked director Michael D. Ratner to “stop.”

Demi Lovato found it so difficult to watch her documentary Dancing With the Devil, before its release, that she had a physical reaction.

Director Michael D. Ratner gave the details to Us Weekly and said only seven seconds had passed in the video before the singer had to stop him.

“It was stressful,” Michael said.

“Seven seconds later, he stopped him and seemed to have a physical reaction, which was intense. And I was thinking, ‘Oh, we’ve got a hundred more minutes left.'”

Michael continued to share that the singer had a similar reaction when she saw herself perform in Rock in Rio in 2018, just a month before her near-fatal overdose.

“I think he brought me those memories and seeing him there was intense, and it was pretty amazing to see him and see her relive some of those moments, but she finally had her story told,” she continued.

“So, honestly, through your lens and in this safe space, I think you’re really proud of what we put together.”

Watch the trailer for the series below: