The Grammy Awards 2021 took place last night and considering we’re still in a pandemic, the fact that there was a real red carpet was something damn exciting.

Of course, our beloved Billie Eilish was there in one of her coordinated outfits, again a personalized creation by Gucci. The long dress over the trousers gave us exciting 2000s disco vibes. You want to go dancing, don’t you? Sniff.

The 19-year-old record holder proved to be just like one of us and, of course, wore a matching face mask.

Make-up is as natural as usual, but we couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her incredible lashes so long and perfect. We then took to Robert Rumsey’s Instagram to search for information.

If you’re not aware, Robert is Billie’s reference makeup artist and is responsible for her soft, beautiful, and glossy looks that we love so much.

The MUA not only shared a detailed analysis of every single product it used on the singing face but also explained how to apply them – and that’s certainly the best part.


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There are two secrets that Robert revealed, the first concerns precisely mascara and how to avoid the horrendous and annoying lumps:

 I clean the excess product with a handkerchief and do 2 passes for a natural look,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

To avoid the punching effect in the eyes and have well-defined eyelashes, the MUA recommends removing the excess product from the bowl before application and making 2 simple passes.

In addition to his makeup with mascara, Robert recommends spraying the brush with a moisturizing spray before applying powder highlighter fora glow that lasts over time.

Taken notes?


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At the 2021 Grammy Awards, the 19-year-old singer won the prestigious Record Of The Year with the song ” Everything I wanted” and dedicated her thank you speech to another artist: Megan Thee Stallion vying with “Savage”.

He professed all his love for the rapper and concluded by claiming that he deserved the award. Meanwhile, Megan pointed her out to the audience as saying that everything she was saying was the other way around.