They accuse Harry of hypocrisy because his father Charles did help him financially


Sources close to Charles say bank statements confirm that Charles helped his son and family move.

Prince Harry revealed in his explosive account with Oprah Winfrey that his father, Prince Charles, had financially cut off his family as a result of his departure from the royal family.

However, the Duke of Sussex is being accused of being hypocritical, as palace sources have denied these claims.

A source close to the Prince of Wales told the Sunday Times that there were bank statements showing that Charles continued to support Harry, his wife Meghan Markle, and his son Archie even after his move to the United States.

Since Harry’s claim, Charles is said to be “annoyed and shattered” by the comments.

“It was a surprise to hear that it had been cut, given bank statements proving otherwise,” the source said.

“The prince continued to provide financial support to Harry and Meghan after their move to the United States while recovering.”

Meanwhile, one of Charles’s friends added, “What hypocrisy of Harry.”

“When Harry and Meghan left last year, they said they wanted to become ‘financially independent’, and apparently have succeeded now, but Charles helped them to do so.”