Ashley Tisdale cradles her belly in a sweet selfie in the mirror


The actress is in the final stretch of her pregnancy and suffers from severe pain from the plantar fasciitis she suffers.

She has her firstborn daughter on the way, and Ashley Tisdale posted a poignant selfie in an Instagram mirror over the weekend that showed her squening her growing belly.

The 35-year-old High School Musical actress is expecting her first daughter along with her husband Christopher French whom she married in 2014.

“She’s already a light in my life,” Ashley said in her Instagram text for her more than 13 million followers on the platform.

Her latest Instagram update comes shortly after she reveals that she has been suffering from plantar fasciitis due to her pregnancy.

The medical condition is nicknamed a ‘police heel’ and involves pain caused by inflamed tissue between the toes and heel.

Ashley wrote in her Instagram Stories recently: “The worst part so far during this pregnancy is my plantar fasciitis.”

She shared, ‘It literally hurts me to stand. I’ve never felt a pain like this and hopefully, once the baby is here it will stop.’

Scary Movie 5’s actress admitted, “I know there could be worse things, but for someone who’s constantly standing it can be pretty unbearable.”