Tell stories of Meghan Markle’s “horror” tantrums


Palace assistants say Prince Harry’s wife was furious when she was denied to keep designer clothes.

In response to the claims of Meghan Markle’s legal team, royals have come forward to reveal the true nature of the former royalty member and her anger that blew her up for denying her designer articles.

News of Meghan Markle’s tantrums within the royal family was presented by a source close to the royal family, to Page Six.

According to insider information, Meghan Markle was infuriated once after being denied permission to stay with the designer freebies sent to him during his dating years with Prince Harry.

While ‘as an actress, it was perfectly acceptable to receive gifts sent by fashion chains and designer brands’, the royal family-operated differently and, therefore, those gifts were considered unacceptable.

At the same time, however, “Meghan had to be told that it was not what was done when you were a member of the royal family.”