Demi Lovato refuses to live in the “diet culture”


She says she has already suffered a lot in the past with strange diets and the non-acceptance of her body.

Demi Lovato has already suffered a lot from strange diets and the non-acceptance of her body, and now the singer and actress refuse to live her life ‘according to diet culture’.

She said on Instagram that she gave up passing it ‘counting calories’ or exercising without measure just to look thinner.

Demi shared his thoughts with his followers on the social network, saying:

“I accidentally lost weight. I don’t count any more calories. I don’t exercise anymore. I do not restrict or purge … And especially … I don’t live my life according to food culture. In fact, I advanced… This is a different experience, but I feel satisfied. Not with food, but with divine wisdom and cosmic guidance. Today full of peace, serenity, joy, and love, ” he said.

Demi Lovato previously admitted her trouble losing weight and accepting her body, but says her life is going in a different direction today.

She also commented that she is ‘very proud’ of the person she is today after her overdose.

The 28-year-old singer – who overdosed almost fatally in July 2018 – said: “Everything had to happen so that I could learn the lessons I learned. It was a painful journey, and I look back and sometimes I get sad when I think of the pain I had to endure to get over what I had, but I don’t regret anything. I’m very proud of the person I am today, ” he said.

She explained: “I had brain damage and am still dealing with the effects of it today. I don’t drive a car, because I have blind spots in my vision. And also for a long time, I had a very difficult problem reading. It was very important the day when I could read a book, which happened two months later because my vision was very blurry. I had to deal with a lot of the repercussions and I feel like they’re still there to remind me of what might happen if I ever went into a dark place again,” he said.


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