Prince Charles wants to meet with President Joe Biden urgently


The prince’s haste to meet with President Biden surprises, as he would be violating royal protocols.

Prince Charles is very determined to meet with America’s newly elected president, Joe Biden, as soon as possible.

The older royals member, who claims to be an advocate for environmental conservation, was simply thrilled when Biden became president because he knew he shared the same feelings for a greener environment.

The Prince of Wales is now pushing for an urgent meeting with President Biden to discuss the issues in question regarding the urgent problem of climate change.

A source close to the royal family recently revealed to the Express newspaper that the two men share the “same undisputed view that the global climate crisis is the greatest threat to humanity and must be dealt with absolute urgency.”

A source confirms that Prince Charles is willing to fly to the United States to meet Joe Biden, 78. The urgency is surprising because Charles’ meeting with Biden before she is Queen Elizabeth II would be a violation of royal protocol, but negotiations are in the process.

The haste could also be due to the possibility of an informal meeting between President Biden and the Dukes of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.