Prince Philip will remain hospitalized


Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital due to a severe infection.

The Duke of Edinburgh will remain in the hospital, as reported by the BBC, where he entered because of an infection, of which no further details have been given.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was admitted Tuesday last week to King Edward VII Hospital, where she will stay a few more days and has been assured that she is well and responding positively to treatment and that her admission to the hospital was decided as a precautionary measure.

His grandson Prince William assured on Monday that his grandfather is well. For his part, Prince Edward, the youngest son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, who his father is very well and impatient to be discharged so that he can resume his normal life.

It was also said that the Duke of Edinburgh appreciates the displays of affection and messages sent to him by thousands of subjects, who wish him his prompt recovery.