Interview with Oprah of the Dukes of Sussex will coincide with message from the queen


On 7 March Queen Elizabeth II will head to the UK, with a televised message, before Commonwealth Day.

The interview that the Dukes of Sussex gave to Oprah Winfrey and which will be broadcast on 7 March is the same day that Queen Elizabeth II will head to the United Kingdom, sharing a televised message, before Commonwealth Day, which is commemorated on the second Monday in March, an annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations.

According to US Weekly magazine, the Queen’s speech will be broadcast on BBC One on a special program that will replace the usual Commonwealth Day service, which has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The TV ad will air the same day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are scheduled to give an interview on CBS, their first television ad since they left their royal duties in January 2020.

It is not known whether the date was chosen to coincide with the Queen’s speech, but the supporters of the royal family did not find that once again Harry and Duchess Meghan tried to obfuscate royalty.

A royal source recently commented that the couple is “relieved” after sharing the end-of-work news as senior members of the royal family, and “finally free.” The queen also issued a statement, admitting that she is “saddened by her decision” to retire forever.

“Harry and Meghan have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams in the United States, and are settled and much happier living in Montecito, doing their thing (…) They are determined to raise their children in a normal and stable environment, outside the spotlight, which would have [been] impossible if they had remained members of royalty,” the publication’s informant said.


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