Shia LaBeouf resigns CAA talent agency over problem


The actor will stop acting for some time to solve his legal and personal problems.

Shia LaBeouf ended her working relationship with talent agency CAA, Variety magazine reports.

According to agency sources, he was not fired but asked for time to deal with his personal problems.

“He is taking a break from acting and has since been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic to treat his mental health.” Witnesses revealed.

Variety sources confirmed that CAA did not fire LaBeouf, but it was his decision to end the alliance because he will not work as an actor.

“Shia intends to devote all the time necessary to work on his recovery and, to do so, chose to stop acting so that he could concentrate exclusively on his rehabilitation. He has been seeking treatment for more than five weeks and currently resides in an internment unit,” said one informant.

The actor’s representatives, along with the CAA, have not yet commented on the actor’s decision.

As reported above, LaBeouf is involved in a lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs, who alleged that the actor “hurts women.”

“He uses them. He abuses them, both physically and mentally. It’s dangerous,” the lawsuit says.


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