Priyanka Chopra explains why she chose to change her last name


The actress adopted Nick Jonas’ surname after she married him.

Priyanka Chopra recently sat down to explain the real reason she chose to adopt Nick Jonas’ surname after the marriage.

She talked about this by opening the release of her memoirs with Barstool Sports’ Chicks In The Office podcast.

According to JustJared Chopra explained, “The first time I saw him, I thought, ‘Oh, oh it’s okay, that’s my name now.'” His only intentions were to honor his family’s traditions as “I inherited a beautiful name and look forward to living up to his legacy.”

During the course of her interview, Chopra also shared her hope for the future and explained that her goal is to see a future in which women never consider changing their name or that their husbands take theirs.

“And we’re going to like it maybe 50 years from now, they’ll be kids who’ll also take our names, or just don’t change our names, you know, and that’s going to normalize. But I don’t think I was in that place when I got married, I want to honor my parents’ tradition and that’s how it happened.”


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