Kim Kardashian is accused of lying for attributing paint to her daughter


The socialite was furious when her followers doubted North West’s authorship of an oil painting.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian lashed out at critics who questioned the authenticity of a painting that she said her seven-year-old daughter, North, had created herself.

North’s oil painting, depicting a mountain, river, and surrounding valley, caused comparisons to Bob Ross’ artwork (and many jokes).

The mother of four fustigated the critics: “How dare you see the children doing amazing things and then try to accuse them of NOT being amazing?!?!”

The star of ‘KUWTK’ warned, “DO NOT PLAY WITH ME WHEN IT COMES TO MY children !!!”

She went on to say, “Please stop being ashamed of negativity and let all children be EXCELLENT.”

Fans mocked Kim Kardashian for claiming that his daughter North created an exceptional painting, showing a snowy mountain and a lake meandering through a beautiful landscape.

The mother of four shared the painting on Instagram with the caption: ‘My Little Artist North’.

One of the fans tweeted, “I’m supposed to work, but I can’t stop thinking about how North West painted this.”

Another wrote, “Are you telling me that North West is here drawing as if it were Bob Ross … and I’m still drawing stick figures at 25?”

The third responded by saying, “Kim Kardashian’s daughter did not paint this. You can even see the signature of the photography store. It’s Kim K, so you have to take everything she says with a tablespoon of salt.”

Kim Kardashian’s claim about the painting left some critics in disbelievers, while others turned to Twitter to claim that the painting is false.


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