Larry King’s Widow Reveals Causes of Presenter’s Death


Sawn King claims her husband overcame the Covid-19 and died of an infection.

Sawn King, the widow of host Larry King, spoke of the cause of the death of her husband, who claims, surpassed the covid and died of an infection.

The famous presenter tested positive for covid-19, but according to his wife this virus was not Larry’s cause of death: “It was an infection, it was sepsis. Finally, he was ready to go, he didn’t want to, but his sweet little hand is ready. He had been beaten so many times by so many things, and once we heard the word covid our hearts sank. But he beat it, but it took its bill, then the infection which is what really took it.”

Shawn, with whom King prophesied two 21- and 20-year-olds, revealed what the presenter told him in his last conversation through FaceTime when he was already hospitalized: “It was hard for him to talk, but the only message he wanted to make sure I heard was, ‘I love you, take care of the kids.'”