Gigi Hadid posted a new selfie of “back to work” after pregnancy, where she shows off her very long and fabulous hair.

Natural beach waves, the supermodel’s blonde hair now touches her navel, in what can be described as the lushest hair growth ever.

Working from 9 am to 5 am,” Gigi wrote in the caption, along with an emoji of the Statue of Liberty. We know that the 25-year-old has been living in New York since welcoming her first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik last September.


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Like any super busy new mom, Gigi certainly doesn’t have time to bend but to let her hair air dry and get a fabulous result, you need the hair to be as healthy and hydrated as hers.

The model has always sported long hair, they are her signature beauty. But what are the secrets of Gigi Hadid’s flowing shiny waves?

The first is certainly not to play with tint and keep its color natural. We’re also pretty sure he keeps track of the split tips with regular ticks.

When I have free time, I make a coconut oil compress to my hair, pick it up in a crunch, and then I don’t work them for some time,” the supermodel explained.

You can shower, of course, but do not dissolve the hair for three days, make the coconut oil act, and then in the end, when you flush them, apply the shampoo first, then rinse again, then again another shampoo pass. Because if you bathe your hair first, the water will prevent the shampoo from getting into your hair and they will still remain cautious.”